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Action RPG with old style classes, campaigns and quests.
Gain levels and ranks in multiple classes to gain trophies,
unlock abilities and raise your position in the leaderboards.

Guild Classes
Nomads Nomads     Rogues Rogues     Mages Mages     Warriors Warriors     Paladins Paladins     Summoners Summoners     Archers Archers
Warlocks Warlocks     Hunters Hunters     Knights Knights     Battlemages Battlemages     Dark knights Dark Knights     Dragoons Dragoons     Heroes Heroes
1H Sword Weapons     Plate Armor Armors     Attack speed rune Runes     Currencies Currencies
Guild points Guild Hall     Gold coins Town Shop     Book icon Library     1H Sword Blacksmith     Trophy Trophy Room
Campaign Campaign     Currencies Gold Mine     Crown Royal Dragons     Chest Labyrinth     Tower The Tower


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